PPADB Registration

Our PPADB registration service ensures that your company follows the right steps for the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board code approval. Our team makes it a smooth process for your business to be eligible for Botswana government tenders.

Why Register a Company for PPADB?


The primary mandate of PPADB is to adjudicate and award tenders for the Central Government and any other institutions specified under the Act for the delivery of works, services, and supplies related services.

  • It is required to register as a contractor if you are to compete for government tenders.
  • PPADB ensures that projects are managed to ensure value for money in the procurement and disposal of assets.

The PPADB Registration Process


In Botswana, PPADB adjudicates and awards tenders for the Central Government and any other institutions specified under The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act for the delivery of works, services, and supplies.



Identifying requirements for registration as per regulations for works, services, or supplies.


PPADB Contractor Profile Creation

PPADB profile creation and submission of application with all the requirements including the selection of codes you are applying for.


Preliminary Assessment by the Board

Preliminary assessment of application by The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (the process may take up to 10 days) When everything is in place PPADB will prompt a submission fee payment and PPADB code fees.


Final Submission and Payment

Final submission and payment of submission fees and PPADB codes if the requirements are met. A waiting period of up to 10 days for the approval of PPADB codes after payment.

Register for PPADB

Requirements for PPADB Registration

  • National Identity Card number (Omang number for citizens), Copy of passport (noncitizens) for all shareholders and directors
  • Copies of share certificates
  • Share transfer acknowledged by CIPA form (if where applicable)
  • Canceled share certificates (if where applicable)
  • Copy of work permits and residence permits for non-citizen directors (if where applicable)

Prescribed Company Forms:


  • Names and Addresses of Directors and Secretaries
  • Return on allotment of shares/issue or reduction of shares
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Registration
  • Certificate of Recording Change of Name (where applicable)
  • Notice of change of Directors or Secretary and particulars of Directors or Secretaries (where applicable)
  • Company’s Registered Office or Notice of Change of Registered Office (where applicable)

Register for PPADB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPDB?


The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) is mandated in terms of Section 122 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act to review the register of contractors bi-annually and upgrade active contractors.

Also to strike off the register any non-active contractors unless they re-apply to remain on the register for good and sufficient cause. The objective is to improve efficiency in the procurement system by ensuring that active contractors are available for the Procuring Entities (PE’s) during tendering.

Why do I need to register for PPADB?


The Board is required to register contractors intending to bid for Central Govern​ment’s procurement and asset disposal in respect of works, supplies, and services. If you intend to bid for government tenders, it’s best you register to qualify for tendering.

How do I know whether I am eligible for applying a code/subcode?


You can find the eligibility criteria for PPADB on the links provided below

  1. Eligibility criteria for applying works code/subcode
  2. Eligibility criteria for applying supplies and services code/subcode

Register for PPADB