Here are some of the pricing for our business consulting services. For those not mentioned, please inquire by contacting our team.

Please note: Cancelling an order results in a 25% Handling fee.

Corporate Governance

Start a Business

Secretary Appointment

BWP 390

Secretary Appointment
Share registry management

Company Registration

BWP 1860

Secretary Appointment

Company Registration

Bank Opening Documents

BURS Tax Registration

Structure Consultation

PPADB Registration

BWP 390

Service fee

Codes are billed separately

Time frame varies

Private Enterprise

Grow your Business

Feasibility Study

BWP 8950

Product definition

Technology Integration

Marketplace Research

Market Strategy

Project Structure

Project Scheduling

Financial Projections


Business Plan

BWP 8950

Data-driven Research

Authentic Plan

Financial Plan

Funding Friendly

Marketplace Research

Stakeholder Pitches

Business Model Articulation

360 Business View

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