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Revolut Reports Record Profits as Chair Welcomes London Listing Reforms

Revolut announces record profits as chairman applauds London listing reforms, signaling a positive outlook for the fintech industry.

Revolut, the UK-based fintech giant, has reported record profits for 2023, marking a significant milestone in its ambitious growth trajectory. This financial success comes as the company’s chair, Martin Gilbert, expresses optimism about upcoming reforms to UK listing rules, potentially paving the way for a future London IPO.

Record-Breaking Financial Performance

In a testament to its robust business model, Revolut announced a pre-tax profit of £438 million for 2023, a remarkable turnaround from the £25 million loss reported in the previous year. The company’s revenues nearly doubled to £1.8 billion, driven by a diversified product portfolio and a rapidly expanding customer base.

Customer Growth and Market Expansion

Revolut’s aggressive international expansion strategy continues to bear fruit. The fintech added an impressive 12 million customers in 2023, bringing its total user base to over 45 million. This growth outpaces many of its challenger bank rivals, including Monzo and Starling, despite Revolut’s ongoing wait for a UK banking license.

Interest Income Surge

A key contributor to Revolut’s profitability has been the surge in interest income, which skyrocketed more than fivefold to £500 million. This increase reflects the company’s ability to capitalize on the higher interest rate environment, a trend benefiting many financial institutions globally.

Regulatory Hurdles and Future Prospects

Despite its financial success, Revolut faces ongoing regulatory challenges. The company has been awaiting a UK banking license for over three years, with the application process stalled by various issues, including auditor concerns over revenue verification in previous accounts.

London Listing Potential

Martin Gilbert’s comments on UK listing reforms signal a potential shift in Revolut’s stance on a London IPO. While not committing to a specific venue, Gilbert’s praise for the regulatory changes marks a softening from previous positions held by CEO Nikolay Storonsky, who had previously ruled out a London listing.

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Martin Gilbert chair of AssetCo and Revolut among many other things

Market Context and Industry Implications

Revolut’s success and potential London listing come at a crucial time for the UK financial markets. The country has been grappling with an exodus of companies from its capital markets and is actively seeking to attract more listings.

The Financial Conduct Authority’s proposed changes to listing rules, including easier access to dual-class share structures, aim to make London more attractive to founder-led companies like Revolut.

Looking Ahead

As Revolut eyes a potential valuation exceeding $40 billion in a future share sale, the company continues to invest in growth. With plans to move its headquarters to a prominent location in Canary Wharf and ongoing European expansion efforts, Revolut appears poised for further success.

The fintech’s journey from a startup in 2015 to a potential financial powerhouse demonstrates the dynamic nature of the digital banking sector. As traditional banks and newer challengers vie for market share, Revolut’s story serves as a compelling case study in innovation, growth, and navigating complex regulatory landscapes in the evolving world of finance.

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